365 Fitness is a class based fitness studio, offering personal training to the community of Bishops Waltham and surrounding areas. We are a safe and sociable training environment that encourages our community to adapt mindset, build good habits and create a sustainable routine for years to come. We are more than “Personal Trainers”, we advocate fitness for lifestyle and do not put pressure on people to do anything that will make them feel uncomfortable. Our approachable and social aspect to fitness that “gyms'' don't achieve allows our customers to feel appreciated and part of a community. We educate and inspire, we want our customers to feel how their body works and to not judge themselves on their journey. Alongside this our no mirror, no scales policy, offers a completely new perspective on fitness to the one we all know.



James Corfield (Director and Personal trainer)

Here at 365 Fitness we are strong believers in investing in your health and most of the time 'quick fixes' aren't always the best option. Sustainable, Thoughtful training and discovering your 'why' are the key ingredients to your longevity and health.


Devon Thorpe (Director and Perosnal trainer)

Having spent my teens trying to get my head round "going to the gym" because it seemed the right thing to do, exercise was always a big anxiety of mine. Sitting in the carpark for 5 minutes trying to gee myself up and then driving home was normally as far as I got. 

Gym-Phobia: "As the name suggest, Gymphobia is effectively a fear of working out at the gym in front of other people."

It wasn't until I started to join classes that I really started to enjoy exercising, socialising and learning. From there, my own fitness journey started to flourish, I learnt how to move, new exercises that I could do outside the class and became more confident in my own ability. Although, I think the biggest turning point was realising that no one else in the gym actually cares what you are doing...

Having qualified as a personal trainer I want to help others enjoy exercising, look after there bodys and move well. Fitness for lifestyle not for summer.