We think there is a big flaw in the health and fitness industry and we intend to change that. Clients shouldn't be stuck in a never ending circle of PT after PT or recurring chiropractor visits. The clear aim for us is to provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to safely adapt their health and fitness regime to their lifestyle and live pain free for years to come.



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I have been training with James for around 9 months and I’ve lost weight, gained more muscle, become leaner, fitter and better at exercising!  I set goals to be fit at 50 and James has helped keep me on track (in the studio and virtually) and really motivated me when I’ve been struggling.  He is great to work with, really encouraging, he’s supportive, result oriented and he just gets how to motivate me, which has helped me really enjoy my training and not see it as a chore!.   I couldn’t recommend him highly enough – he’s great at his job and a really nice guy to work with”.  Richard aged 49 and ¾

Richard Davis


Its a real treat to work with James as my fitness guru. His mix of motivation and explanation show me what each exercise is designed to deliver, helping me achieve my goals of strength, weight loss, flexibility and posture. Working with me to demonstrate proper technique, every minute of effort delivers great results!

Chris Collins