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July Newsletter

Hey Everyone,

In July's edition you will find out all of the up to date information from camp 365, alongside our new monthly challenge and move of the month.

365 online

June was the beginning of a big transition for us. Memberships for our zoom classes are now available as well as a Payg. We also finally sussed out how to record our workouts, so for anyone that cannot make the 06:30 class, please message us directly to find out more information on these.

Bootcamp 365

Last month saw the start of our outdoor bootcamp sessions. This has been a great success and I'm sure we can all agree that it has been great to see actual humans again!

Whilst abiding to social distancing guidelines and keeping everybody in their own 'zones' we have managed to give everyone a good workout, a chance to catch up with old friends and a feeling of normality once again. We aim to keep bootcamp running even in bad weather, the only time we will cancel will be if it becomes dangerous and slippy underfoot.

Bootcamp 365 is on a Wednesday night at 17:30 and 18:30 and Saturday morning 8,9,10am.

Please head over to to book your space.

I politely ask if you can book and pay for your space at the same time, this is to secure your spot. Spaces are limited and they will be offered to others12hours prior to the class if unpaid.

Accountability month

July marks the start of our accountability support network.

The first week of every month is going to be our accountability week. Using the sheets provided or by your own means, we will work with you to take measurements, set goals and help you find a purpose in your training.

Using the link below you can follow along to a video of us carrying out our measurements with a partner, or click the second link to view a solo video of how to take your own measurements.

Partner measurements video

Solo measurements video

Once you have done this, message the page directly and we will give you a free 10 minute call to discuss your results and set the next steps for you to keep progressing on your journey.

Monthly Challenge

The monthly challenge for July is going to be the iron chair challenge. Who can hold it the longest?

To enter you must submit a video of yourself on our 365 Social group with a timer in view. (If your not on the social please message us for details)


- Feet must be shoulder width apart

- Knees bent to 90'

- Back flat against the wall

- Hands on your head

The winner of this challenge will receive a 365 fitness t-shirt.

Move of the month

The reach through

A staple movement in our EVOLVE workout. The reach through is a fantastic test of hip and shoulder mobility and is sure to spike your heart rate and burn your muscles. Unconventional training is a great way to disguise your exercise, try new movements and unlock your bodys potential.

How to complete the reach through.

- Start in a table top position

- Hands shoulder width apart in line with your shoulders.

- Knees bent to 90' under your hips (oranges height off the floor) weight on your toes.

- Step your right foot to the outside of your right hand.

- Raise your right arm into the air and move your left leg through the gap you have now created

- Keep your heel down on your right foot and extend your left leg ahead of you.

- Return to your start position and repeat.

Next month we will be introducing a member of the month section into our newsletter where the winner will receive a 365 fitness t-shirt. Work hard and this could be yours.

Finally we are still on the search for a premises. Ideally some land with plenty of parking that we can introduce an 'outdoor' training space on. Please let us know if you have any recommendations.

Have a great month.

Team 365


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