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July Newsletter

Hey 365ers,

Hope you are all well and enjoying your exercise. In this months newsletter, we will be revealing a new monthly challenge, social get together and member of the month.

Last months social get together was so much fun we are organising another one for July, find out below.

New Trainer


We would like to welcome to the 365 Team Ed Brierley, Ed is a level 4 qualified personal trainer and will be taking on Thursday evening bootcamps as well as every other Friday evening. Ed is available for personal training and will be here most evenings. Don't worry we put Ed through 365 initiation, getting 54 seconds on the bike challenge.

Member of the Month

Tracy Conduct

As much as Tracy hates burpees, she absolutely nails them. Tracy not only stuck to zooms all the way through the lockdowns she has now moved in to the studio being there almost as much as Devon and James. Tracy is a pleasure to train in classes as well as personal training with Devon where she has increased the weights on her lifts and continues to surprise herself with her strength and capability's. We will see you at running club soon :D

Monthly Challenge

Last month saw Rich and Natalie pedal away with the winners medals for the fastest half mile on the bike. Rich with a very impressive 49seconds and Natalie taking the win by 1 second hitting exactly 1 minute, great effort! T-shirts are on their way.

This months monthly challenge is the crucifix challenge. This will be judged by Devon, James or Ed. For this your arms must be at full extension in line with your shoulders. You get one strike during the challenge if caught bending the elbows or holding the weights too low/high you will be out.

3kg for the ladies

5kg for the men

Winners will receive a free personal training session with Devon or Ed.

365 Recipe Book

We need your help...

Having talked to lots of you over the last couple of weeks we have found everyone is struggling for ideas of what to eat. We have decided to make a 365 Recipe Book and we need your help. Over the coming months on the lead up to Christmas we will be asking you to send in your favourite meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts.

July is all about breakfast... Please send us your favourite breakfast ideas with an image and recipe (if you can MyFitnessPal it and send it over that would be great or if its from a different recipe book take a picture of the recipe and send your made image).

We are starting it now so we have plenty of time to get it ready to sell at xmas, we will get it professionally made up once it is complete and give all profits to charity.

365 Social


We will be paddle boarding from Fairthorne Manor on the 24th July between 11:30 and 15:30.

There is limited paddle boards to hire so make sure you book on quick for your hour slot, it's £15 for an hour with a paddle board or £5.50 if you are bringing your own. There is also Kayaks and Canoes to hire.

We will be there the whole time, and will try and help with how to use a paddle board. If the paddle boards get taken up we are more than happy to swim, so others can have a go on ours.

Follow the link below to book a self launch (for those with own paddle board).

Follow the link below to hire a SUP, kayak or canoe.

Any problems let us know :D

As always, we are here to help, whether that is advice on goals or just someone to talk to, please get in touch.

Have a great month, see you soon!

365 Fitness


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