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Self sufficient isolation part 2

Hey everyone!

My first blog post near the beginning of lock down was showing off the start of our vegetable patch and the area we had dug out and some of the seedlings that had started to sprout.

Well now is the long awaited second edition...

We have had a few sacrifices along the way especially the lettuce but look, We have some vegetables. Courgettes are doing great, potatoes are flying and the carrots are just about getting there.

We are very happy so far and hopefully a week or two away from picking our home grown veg.

As much as this post is to show off our vegetable patch it is also about the message I tried to give on my first post.


Having an aim and sticking to it. Creating routine and seeing something through to its end. The sense of achievement when you see the hard work start to pay off.

This is very relatable to our own fitness journeys.

If you set off to achieve something then you have to commit 100%. Be there every day. Look after yourself. Allow yourself time to grow and the most important of all.

Realising it doesn't happen over night!

Show us your own vegetable patches, leave your comments and keep enjoying the sunshine.

Stay safe



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