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March Newsletter

Hey Team 365,

In our March newsletter we give you an update on whats been going on at the studio as well as when we will be reopening!!

The last 2 months have been extremely tough for everyone, however we are starting to see the brighter days approaching. Lighter, longer days and the news of a normal life on the horizon, its the perfect time to start thinking about our health and looking after our bodies.

With that in mind we are so excited to let you know that bootcamps will be restarting from the 30th March!!! We will be running these multiple times a week to make sure everyone will be able to join. We are just making the last arrangements for location and times and as soon as we know we will have it up ready to book via the website or Teamup app.

1:1 personal training will also be back at the studio from the 12th April, woohooo! Make sure you get yourself booked in and get back to using the equipment we've all missed so much. We have been great at working out at home, however a few bad habits may have crept into your movements or you may need a firm kick up the butt to get you back into routine again. With the guidance of 1:1 personal training you can ensure you are the best version of you when lockdown is lifted.

Send us a message to get booked in.

Movement is Medicine

How do you feel after a workout? You don't need to answer that, we already know the answer. Whether or not you felt like doing the workout before. You did it! Once you completed it we guarantee you felt better.

This is why movement really is medicine, whether its to clear your head and help with your mental health or to feel that sense of accomplishment after a tough workout. Its so important to take that time in your day to move your body.

At 365 fitness we focus on not just getting your heart rate up through burpees but also learning how to move better for longer. We have specific classes that target problem areas, strengthening joints and improving mobility.

If you need the medicine of movement, please get in contact.

Member of the Month

Tasha Brown

Congratulations to Tasha who is our February member of the month.

We are really proud and inspired by the progress she has made since joining us in late 2020. Tasha threw herself straight in at the deep end attending three classes a week and personal training with James too. Last month saw her hit a milestone by going out for a run AFTER doing a hiit class as well as making James find a new found passion for Zumba (you need to see the video) Keep up the fantastic work Tasha!

Congratulations Tasha a £15 gift card is on its way

The start of the end

Now we are out of february and into March it is the perfect time to motivate yourself and start new habits. With the clocks changing soon and signs of spring already coming it is the ideal time to make a change in your life. Who do you want to be, coming out of this lockdown?

We all make resolutions at new year and don't stick to them, why? We set our selves targets that are unrealistic. We need to start by making small changes daily. for Example:

You want to loose 2 stone, you decide the way to do this is to go to the gym 3 times a week and begin a food restrictive diet. Brilliant, if you are great at committing, already know what you are doing and have a great diet. Realistically this isn't very many people. We can often get to a gym, go on a piece of cardio equipment, decide you feel uncomfortable and out of place and stop going, or you restrict yourself of all of the 'nice' foods and one day you cave and binge eat everything in sight. This goal is unattainable. Start by taking a small step in the right direction, maybe thats just doing a few squats in the morning, walking in your lunch break, joining a class with like minded people or just putting on your shoes. These small changes can lead to bigger changes. Maybe those few squats turn into some squats and press ups, the walk turns to a jog, the 1 class turns to 2 classes and putting your shoes on turns to going for a walk. It is all of these smaller more sustainable changes that will lead to you loosing your 2 stone you originally set out for and you will be far more likely to sustain this even once the weight has been lost.

Start your new habit now, before the excitement and distractions of 'normal life' take over again. Make the small change to lead to the big goal.

If you need help or advice on making a change or starting a new habit please get in contact.

Monthly Challenge

Our first in house challenge! We encourage everyone to get involved with this as we kickstart our journey back to group training and the long awaited return of working out indoors and the eventual return of summer bbq's, gatherings and being sociable.

For March's challenge we want to see who can loose a minimum of 3 inches from their waist and provide the best progress photo's.

The challenge runs from March 5th to April 12th with the winner receiving a Months free personal training!!!!

To enter the challenge you need to take a waist measurement which is simply around your belly button in inches and or a front and side view photos of yourself with the date on. Please send them to

Studio Update

The treatment room has a sink!!!

We have been super busy in between zoom classes and personal training, making sure the studio is going to look amazing for when everyone returns. Not only has the sink been installed but the shower room is also coming together, with shower tray in and pipe work in place. Devon now has the interesting task of tiling the walls. (They don't need to be straight do they?)

We have also being insulating the whole of the mezzanine floor, (this has not been a fun job), to make the building more sound proof.

As always, we are here to help, whether that is advice on goals or just someone to talk to, please get in touch.

Stay safe

Have a great month, see you at bootcamp very soon!

Devon and James


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