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Finding the right Key

We're deep into lockdown now and the realisation of this new world has dawned on most of us.

What was normal before May not be normal post lockdown.

Your routine before will be thrown out of the window

How we live our lives from here on out will be very different to anything we have ever experienced.

However some things will always stay the same...

Unlocking your mindset and behavioural habits will always be the same we just need to find the right Key.

Right now we are consuming more food definitely drinking more alcohol and for most we are far less active, but what have you changed? If you are still expecting the same outcome post lockdown you are in for a shock.

We need to adapt our eating habits to our daily energy expenditure. Simply put calories in vs calories out (energy in vs energy out)

Here's a couple of simple reminders

If you are doing less eat less. (this is most of us)

Eat how you would tell your kids to eat!

(Would you let them have fizzy drinks and sweets every evening) Wine for us adults?

The latter is an obvious reminder to us all!

How would you feel if you had to start over post lockdown? Not just in health, but in business too.

Once you have adapted your eating habits discovering your WHY is vital to our wellbeing.

Why do you wake up in the morning?

Why are you going to work?

Why are you doing a workout?

Why are you drinking a bottle of wine?

Have a word with yourself, pick yourself up off of the floor or seek help from others if you are struggling.

Make yourself accountable and find the right Key to unlock your full potential.

send me a message.



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