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This note comes from our own experience and we fear more personal trainers are guilty of this than they think.

The personal training life cycle is part of the reason why we transitioned to small-group personal training. 

Let's see if this resonates with any of you…

0-3 months - You (the client) and your new PT are out to impress! The PT is showing off their skills with amazing workouts and s***hot accountability, You're busting a gut at the gym tracking every meal and feeling incredible. Each session lasts an hour and you are present for the full hour.

3-6 months - You have seen incredible progress so far and this new PT is the best thing since sliced bread. Workouts are still challenging but accountability is starting to slide. You learn more about each other's families and lives away from the gym. There's more chat during a session and you feel a friendship bonding. Out of your hour you are active for 45-60 mins

6-9 months - If you're still training at this stage then fair play! HOWEVER, chances are your hour with your PT is more of a social and conversation about the dog then it is training and working towards your goals. For some of us that is fine, but when we compare the initial 3 months to now, standards have dropped, coaching is minimal and you are basically paying for a cheerleader.

You can catch our drift right!?

Now the reason why we transitioned to small group personal training is simple - PERSONAL TRAINING!

We got into this industry because we love to impact the lives of people around us. When we had the opportunity to increase the amount of people we could help or spend an hour chatting about the dog the answer was obvious.

We care about coaching and we care about our members.

Check out Rich’s story, originally a PT client of James, now training multiple times a week in our small group sessions. 

Ready to find out more?

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