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August Newsletter

Hey Everyone,

In August edition you will find out all of the up to date information from camp 365, alongside our new monthly challenge and move of the month.

Monthly Challenge Winner

Louise Foroozandeh

July's monthly challenge was the wall-sit challenge. The longest time held in this position would be the winner. At the end of a difficult Tuesday morning class, everybody was put to the test and the stopwatches were started. My own score of 02:30 was a valiant effort and Devon took the bragging rights as she finished just after me, but our times were nowhere near enough to claim top spot as our top 3 times were all over 8 MINUTES and the eventual winner Louise topping the scores at 10:46!

Congratulations a T-shirt is on it way.

Member of the Month

Sarah Payton

Sarah has attended our virtual classes, bootcamps and 1:1 training giving 110% every single time. Alongside this her nutrition has been great, documenting what she eats on her Instagram page and staying accountable. Check out how great she looks. Well done Sarah,keep it up. A 365 fitness T-shirt is on its way.

365 online

Our Weekday online classes are now in full swing with a consistent turnout for our 06:30 class. Were defiantly feeling the benefits of working out early in the morning as the workout is done and the whole day is still ahead of us. Recordings of all classes are available on youtube to our current members, giving them ease of mind if they cannot attend a class. Please message me if you need the details.

Memberships for our zoom classes are now available as well as a Payg option, head to the link below to start your membership.

Bootcamp 365

In the last 8 weeks we have seen almost 70 people attend our bootcamp sessions. Thank you! Each workout has had its own twists and challenges and everybody has done brilliantly. A variety of games now means, you all know to stop on a red light and go on a green light, as well as unleashing your inner duck. "quack quack". Recently we have started to reintroduce some weights into our wednesday night workouts, each individual gets one weight for the duration of the workout and provides a good foundation for everybody that has missed using weights or is new to using them all together.

Ps. Nobody likes Sally.

Bootcamp 365 is on a Wednesday night at 17:30 and 18:30 and Saturday morning 8 and 9am.

to book your space.

I politely ask if you can book and pay for your space at the same time, this is to secure your spot. Spaces are limited and they will be offered to others 12hours prior to the class if unpaid.

Accountability month

We have entered our second month of our accountability coaching, anyone who has done measurements for July can now re take them for this month to see if any progress has been made. Anybody that wishes to do their measurements can send them across and organise a quick chat to set some goals for the new month.

Using the link below you can follow along to a video of us carrying out our measurements with a partner, or click the second link to view a solo video of how to take your own measurements.

Partner measurements video

Solo measurements video

Monthly Challenge

The monthly challenge for August is the Show me your Plank challenge.

Its time to show off your planking skills, find the best location, either beautiful scenery or obscure location and show us your plank.

To enter you must submit a Photo of yourself on our 365 Social group. (If your not on the social please message us for details)

The winner of this challenge will receive a 365 fitness t-shirt.

Move of the month

The Hammer Curl squat.

A Total body workout from your shoulders down to your toes, the hammer curl squat has been included both online and at our bootcamps. for some its like patting your head and rubbing your tummy, for others its natural (not many) When performed correctly you are working your legs, core, arms and shoulders al in one heart raising movement.

How to complete the Hammer curl Squat:

-Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

-Hold a weight down infront of you (arms relaxed)

-Decend into your deep squat position with your weight pushed slightly into your heels.

-Bend your elbows at the same time as the squat to squeeze your arm muscles.

-Keep your eyes forward and chest tall.


Squeeze your bum to return to standing and straighten your arms

Next month we will be introducing a Meal of the month section into our newsletter to give you some ideas of the meals we currently make at home.

Finally we are still on the search for a premises and have made good progress on this, please stick by us during this uncertain time and hopefully we will have things sorted soon.

Have a great month.

Team 365


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