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February Newsletter

Hey Everyone,

In our February edition you will find out all of the up to date information from us at 365 Fitness.

We think everybody would agree this lock-down is the toughest yet. We have all had to adapt in different ways to what has been thrown at us and we are pleased to be able to provide you with a daily escape and much needed movement.

We run three live classes a day as well as the workout recordings to cater for everybody's schedule. All of which are bookable via the GoTeamUp app and our Website. We believe the best time to workout is early in your day, whether that's as soon as you wake up or after you have organised the kids for homeschooling, the earlier the better, it will boost your mood, improve energy levels and improve your mindset for the rest of your day.

We are excited to be able to introduce Saturday morning circuits for free! These sessions are suitable for everyone, no equipment needed. If you fancy joining in, please get in contact. Let your friends, family, grandparents, pets etc know, the more the merrier :D

Disguise your Exercise

One of our messages we love to get across is that the best ways to exercise is to do it without even realizing. How? Exercise doesn't have to be in the form of a workout or burpees every day, it can be through meeting a friend for a walk, taking the kids to the park, doing the housework or simply walking the dog. When our day consists of sitting in the make shift home office and taking multiple trips to the fridge we need to get moving, exercise and when possible do it without realizing.

Quick challenge: This week organise a walk with a friend and see how many steps you can rack up.

Member of the Month

Anna Jarvis

Anna has been a joy to watch on zoom this month. A regular attendee to the workouts and with a bit of support from her little helpers she has pushed through each workout increasing weights as she goes. New exercises to her program include human shoulder presses and child swings all performed with excellent technique (lol) If you also have the kids at home during this time don't let that stop you from training. Get them involved too! We love seeing any additions to the classes, so far we have had kids, dogs, cats and grandparents appearing on screen.

Congratulations Anna a £15 gift card is on its way

Brand new 'FUNDAMENTALS' is coming to your classes in February.

Every Wednesday at 09:30 we will be increasing our class to an hour long session where we are committing an extra 15 minutes of your workout to learn fundamental movements and how we can move safely and effectively whilst training at home. This part of your workout will also be streamed live on Instagram TV for anyone to follow at a later date. If you have any recommendations for exercises you would like assistance with please send us a message.

Accountability month

New month, fresh measurements. Don't have any regrets going into spring time.

Currently having goals and something to look forward to is a big ask, but picture this... We finally get the news we have all been waiting for, we can see family, go on holiday, return to the office and go out for meals. How are you going to feel? Confident to put on your Sunday best again or worried that it may be a little tight and uncomfortable? Set goals and put the work in now to avoid the disappointment in spring.

We cant stress enough just how important it is to track your progress regularly. It gives you a clear understanding of where you are currently and that allows you to set goals for where you want to be. We are big advocates for not relying on the scale, we don't believe it offers a true reflection of the hard work you put in on a daily basis and find taking measurements a much more effective way to measure progress.

Take your measurements and set a date in the diary for 4 weeks time to repeat. Please send us a message with your measurements, so that we can keep you accountable.

Using the link below you can follow along to a video of us carrying out our measurements with a partner, or click the second link to view a solo video of how to take your own measurements.

Partner measurements video

Solo measurements video

Monthly Challenge

Give yourself a break... DANCE BREAK

In a time where we all need a bit of cheering up, what better way is there to achieve that than with a dance break.

Your challenge for February is to record yourself and the family doing a crazy dance to your favorite song. We had a tradition in our household back in the summer which was the 'clean up' song, after dinner one person each night would ask Alexa to play a song of their choice and we had to do the cleaning up whilst dancing to that song. A small part of your day that will almost certainly put a smile on your face. Our Video is below. Please upload your entry's onto the 365 Social and send us a message if you need to be added to the group.

Studio Update

As much as we'd prefer having the studio full of people we are making the most of time by improving our facilities. During November lock down we knocked through a wall to make a doorway ready for a shower to be installed, built a wall and started preparing for our treatment room to have a sink put in. This lock down so far has been spent insulating the ceiling. We are hoping to get a plumber to start in the next couple of weeks so the treatment can be ready to go when we reopen.

We can't wait for you all to see the treatment room and shower once they are completed!

As always, we are here to help, whether that is advice on goals or just someone to talk to, please get in touch.

Stay safe

Have a great month.

Team 365


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