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Feeling Blue?

Has self isolation started to take its toll yet?

For many of us the last month has turned our normal world upside down and 'normal' no longer exists.

Schools are shut, business closed down and nowhere to get your haircut! Now this can definitely make you feel Blue.


What's to Say that this period of isolation can't be a blessing in disguise?

Obviously what's going on around us is horrific and we want this to be over as soon as possible, but you can use this extra time available to us to our advantage.

For the first time we have had a chance to stop and reflect upon our busy lives. This can be eye opening for some and makes you wonder whether the hussel and bussel of the rat race is really worth it?

We now have quality time to spend with the children and loved ones time that many of us will take for granted!

You've been wanting to learn a musical instrument, repaint the bedrooms, start a fitness regime and never had the time? Guess what...

If we don't do these things now when will we?

If you're feeling Blue that's OK.

If you don't want to get out of bed or fancy a movie day that's OK.

But blaming this virus on our laziness, mood and productivity is not OK.

We have two options:

Adapt to the situation and thrive.

Sink below the surface.

Which one will you choose?

James Corfield

The Health Hub 365


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