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January Newsletter

Happy New Year Everyone!

New year, new you..

How about new year same you, just a healthier, happier and stronger version.

Mindset Workshop

Do you need help when it comes to motivation, control and commitment? Are barriers put up and obstacles not tackled? We want to help. A bit like our food for thought workshop, James, Devon and Ed are all going to club together there knowledge on the mind.

We will dive into all areas of mindset, including working out, environments, food, other people influence and science. We all have our own demons of the brain, this workshop is for everyone.

We will confirm the day and time within the next week in a separate post.

Hope to see you there.

Little and often

We can not stress enough how important it is to move.

Over the Christmas period James and Devon both caught covid. In this time we spent a lot of time sitting or in bed. For people who are constantly moving, stretching and generally on our feet this was a big shock to the system.

We started getting pains in our backs and our hips quickly seized up. To think this happened over just a small period of time, what would happen to our bodies if we were constantly sat.

We get a lot of people complain of back and hip pain, one of the first things we will ask is how sedentary are you? When we spend long periods of time in one position our body gets use to it and our muscles mould to that shape.

This is why it is so important to ensure you move, get up from your desk chair while your on the phone and walk around, kneel on a cushion on the floor to lengthen your hip flexors or invest in a standing desk.

6 Week Challenge Winners

Before Christmas we started a 6 week challenge. This was to help gain control over food before the festive season began. We had some incredible results and a combined loss of 74.73 lbs across those that joined.

As it was a challenge we decided there would be 2 winners! The winners were worked out of the total percentage of weight and CM lost from there waist.

Our first winner was Bert with an incredible total combined loss of 28.15%.

Our second winner is Jo, even though Jo missed her last weigh in, she still managed a combined 18.16% within 5 weeks.

Both Bert and Jo will receive,

£50 Clothes voucher

£50 Highlands Voucher

January Classes Free

3 Personal Training sessions

365 T-Shirt

There will be another challenge starting on the 17th January, look out for more details.

Monthly challenge


As there was no takers for the trio of death in December, we have decided to roll it over to January:D

10kcals on the Rower, ski erg and echo bike. You have 30 seconds to transistion between stations and its your total time across all three stations.

Good Luck


As the spread of covid gets worse we want to ensure the safety of everyone at the gym. Luckily (or unluckily) James and Devon came down with Covid on Christmas Eve meaning no disruption to the gym, however, they were very shocked at how effected by the virus they were. We want to make sure there is as little chance of it spreading as possible. Please be mindful when deciding weather to come in or not, even if you think its just a cold, wipe down after every use and sanitise your hands when you come in.

Buddy referrals

Do you have any friends or family that would like to join you for a class but are afraid to take that first step alone?

Invite them to a class that you're attending and they can come along for free. Simply send us a message prior to the class so that we can make sure there is space for them to attend.

Feature weeks are back!

After a year away we have decided to reintroduce feature weeks to our schedule. On the third week of every month the music being played in our classes will have a particular theme. This will begin in the new year so we have plenty of time to get the playlists ready.


We want to share our passion for fitness with as many of you as possible and this is why we encourage you shout about us whenever you meet with friends or post to social media. A real boost for us is with facebook and google reviews. We politely ask if you can send us a review and let others know about your experience with 365Fitness.

365 Social facebook page

Are you a 365 member and on facebook?

We have a private members only facebook group and would love for you to be in it. Please let us know if you would like to be added and we will send you an invitation.

As always, we are here to help, whether that is advice on goals or just someone to talk to, please get in touch.

Have a great month, see you soon!

365 Fitness


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