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Ride the Wave

This week I've been having some great conversations with people about the next steps and what our futures going to look like.

However I cant help but feel a mixture of fear, confusion and excitement of what the future holds.

I am so driven to make my dreams become a reality and create my own community space for us all to train in, but I've been over thinking and doubting myself especially this last week.

Walking into the unknown is extremely frightening (some of you may be experiencing this now) and most of us will turn back or get sidelined.

Then a client and friend of mine simply said 'James. Right now you've just got to ride the wave'

Just like my previous post I needed to listen to my own advice. I can't get caught up in the things outside of my control, so put your energy into the things you can.

I can control how my classes are run

I can control how I do my 1:1 training

I can control how many hours I put into self development.

Concentrate your energy in the now and do suitable planning for the future.

If you're reading this and feel the same way...

What 3 things can you take control of right now?

Send me an email of those three things and then make a conscious effort to be consistent at working on them.

Keep riding the wave



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