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September Newsletter

Hey Everyone,

In Septembers edition you will find out all of the up to date information from us at 365 Fitness, alongside our new monthly challenge, meal and move of the month.

Monthly Challenge Winner

August's monthly challenge was the Plank challenge.

The mission was set to go and do a plank in either the most beautiful or bonkers locations. We had some fantastic entries and needed your help to decide on a winner. Based on the votes placed by you and our own votes the winner for this months challenge is.... (drums rolling)

Pat Daas!

Congratulations a T-shirt is on it way.

Special mention has to go to Bex, Lisa and Karen who fell just behind on the votes,but also had cracking attempts.

Member of the Month

Karen Gamblin

Karen has been a regular to our early morning zoom sessions, Bootcamps (when shes not hungover) and personal training with myself on a weekly basis. With an original target to hit a certain weight goal by a wedding, we quickly realised with her current lifestyle and busy routine perhaps a weight goal wasn't the best option.

We had an accountability session every 4 weeks and she set to work on training hard during the week, following an intermittent fasting lifestyle and enjoying a glass of wine (or two) on the weekends. The result was 6cm lost from her waist and fitting into the dress she chose for the wedding.

Well done Karen,keep it up. A 365 fitness T-shirt is on its way.

Personal training

Septembers the new January right?

This month will see many of us return to some kind of 'new normal'. Make your new normal include time for you.

I am available via zoom throughout the week for 1:1 training and have recently started going mobile again.

My Mobile days tend to be on a Tuesday and Thursday where i will come to your home or place of your choice to provide accountability, motivation and guidance through a workout. I have a range of equipment to bring with me for anyone thats missing that 'Gym experience' it will also give me the opportunity to iron out any bad habits that may have crept into your training whilst going it solo through lockdown.

I only have a few spaces available for mobile 1:1s so get in touch fast to claim your space.

Accountability month

Now that the kids are back at school and most of us are back to work a routine will be key. Get your measurements done set goals and work hard to achieve them. Cant do it alone? Let us know and we will have a 10minute coaching call with you.

Using the link below you can follow along to a video of us carrying out our measurements with a partner, or click the second link to view a solo video of how to take your own measurements.

Partner measurements video

Solo measurements video

Monthly Challenge

Count colours not calories!

This month we want you to get creative with your food. Don't stress about counting calories or inputing to myfitness pal, simply get as many colours as possible on your plate and post onto our social group.

Counting colours shifts your mindset from deprivation to abundance, which brings more joy and variety into eating. When you start to eat this way, the nourishing, nutrient-dense foods start to crowd out the others and soon the bulk of your diet will naturally showcase colour. This way of eating shifts your mind from viewing food as a number to the nourishment it truly is.

The winner of this challenge will receive a 365 fitness t-shirt.

Move of the month


Everyones favourite exercise!

We all love to hate burpees, however they are a brilliant exercise for total body conditioning, spike your heart rate, work the legs, core and arms all in one smooth movement.

How to complete a Burpee:

- Stand with your feet shoulder width apart

- Squat down towards the ground and place your hands on the floor

- Jump or step the feet backwards into a high plank position. (squeeze your stomach here)

- Jump or step the feet to the outside of the hands

- Jump up towards the sky and repeat.

Meal of the Month

'The Devon special'

Smokey paprika Tofu, black bean and quinoa salad

This simple salad is perfect for batch cooking, mix it up by adding a different ingredient each day to your batch for a nutritious yummy lunch.

Ingredients for a batch:

1cup quinoa

1 tin of black beans

1 pack of Tofu

1/2 bag of spinach

Options to make your own

Sweet chilli sauce

Onion chutney


Sun dried toms



Tuna, chicken or halloumi instead of tofu.

Goats cheese


We finally have our own T-shirts and vests!

Check out the images below for the range of T-shirts and vests we now have available to purchase.

Vests £18

T-shirts £16

Message us to place your order.

New forest water park

Our very first 365 social is happening this month. On the 13th September we are heading to the New forest water park and have booked onto the 10am poseidon.

The event is on our social group, so let us know if you are coming.


Pre warning wetsuits aren't available for hire.

Have a great month.

Team 365


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