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October Newsletter


In this months edition we will be showing off our new toys, new challenges and more ways to keep fit with us at 365Fitness.

Tough mudder 2021

Huge congratulations to all 15 of our competitors who joined us in the tough mudder 5km event at the end of September. We tackled 13 obstacles over 5km which included plenty of mud, water and electricity!

We will be taking a team to next years event so please let us know if you would like to join the team.

Consistency is key!

The months leading up to Christmas are always a challenge, the days are shorter, evenings darker and the cold and rain really effect our moods, however we encourage you not to let this beat you. Remain consistent with your training keep pushing towards your goals and put in the hard work now while no one is watching. These next couple of months are a fantastic way to make excellent progress with your health and fitness and keeping to a routine will be key. Attend at least three sessions per week, be smart with your nutrition 80% of the time and make sure you sleep well. We make a conscious effort to keep in touch will all of our members and will reach out when you haven't been to the studio so please message us if you need additional support.

Monthly Social

At the end of this month we will be celebrating our first birthday! To celebrate we would like to invite you all to No.60 in Bishops Waltham on Saturday 6th November.

Please send us a message to confirm your attendance or check the 365Social event to confirm the event.

A Brief overview of our classes:

Build, Burn, Balance, Box and wellbeing.

Our new class timetable is live and you can view it on our app (Teamup members) or via our website. We are constantly adapting and improving to be able to deliver the best possible experience for you whenever you enter the studio. This is why we have revamped the timetable and added our newest workout Box! A teaser trailer for this class is below.

The best way to experience what we have to offer is by joining us for a 2 week trial where you can join unlimited classes in that period giving you plenty of time to find the best workout for you.

Follow this link to start your two week trial.

New Toys!

This week we will have a concept two rowing machine and Ski-erg to add to the studio. We are constantly seeking ways to enhance you experience and these new additions will be a real bonus to our personal training sessions and Saturday circuits classes. If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see at the studio then please let us know.

Our treatment room is open!

Please welcome Sonia to the team.

Sonia started with us last month and has had fantastic feedback already. Sonia will here every Wednesday and alternating Friday's. She is able to work on any aches and pains and offer advice on how to treat injuries both in and outside of the gym, or if you are simply looking for a body MOT an hour with Sonia will be perfect.

365Fitness members can use this link to see Sonia's availability and book a session.

Her facebook page is below.

Personal training taster sessions!

Ed is offering free personal training taster sessions this month and ideally is looking for people with afternoon/evening availability. Ed is looking for individuals who have a specific goal to work towards i.e. an event or holiday or for people who simply want to brush up on their technique and do something that will compliment their classes. If you aren't sure what you want personal training for that is also fine, our free taster sessions will help you to discover your 'why' and ignite your fire for training.

Send Ed or the 365Fitness page a message to book in here


We want to share our passion for fitness with as many of you as possible and this is why we encourage you shout about us whenever you meet with friends or post to social media. A real boost for us is with facebook and google reviews. We politely ask if you can send us a review and let others know about your experience with 365Fitness.

Monthly Challenge

Ski erg!!!

Max distance covered in 30seconds.

Our new toy will put your cardiovascular and upper body fitness to the test. with this challenge technique will be just as important as fitness. A timer will count down from 30 and the distance covered and the end of the time will be recorded. we will have a male and female winner for this one.

Winners will receive a free PT with the trainer of there choice.

Food support

Do you need additional help with your food?

Everybody that does personal training with us gets bi weekly or monthly accountability sessions where we discuss your measurements, nutrition and goals set in the last month. We have great success with this as it provides a support network and clear strategy for you to reach your targets whatever they are.

We are opening these success chats to everybody that attends our classes. Book in with a trainer of your choice and accelerate your progress with personal support and guidance. Have a chat with us before a class to organise a time.

365 Social facebook page

Are you a 365 member and on facebook?

We have a private members only facebook group and would love for you to be in it. Please let us know if you would like to be added and we will send you an invitation.

As always, we are here to help, whether that is advice on goals or just someone to talk to, please get in touch.

Have a great month, see you soon!

365 Fitness


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